Audley Harrison
  • Audley Harrison
California / London
Charity, business, family
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Fights - 38, Wins - 31, Losses - 7, Wins by knockouts - 23, Longest winning streak - 19 fights.
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Audley Harrison


Audley Harrison MBE is a retired British professional boxer from Harlesden, England who fought in the heavyweight division. At the 2000 Olympics in Sydney he became the first British fighter to win an Olympic gold medal in the superheavyweight division. After his medal win, Harrison was awarded an MBE. In 2001, Harrison released his autobiography and set up his own company to manage his career and got several high profile sponsorship deals. He became the first boxer in Britain to sign a direct broadcast deal, when he reintroduced terrestrial television back in to professional boxing after a 15 year hiatus with the BBC. After leaving boxing several times then returning, he announced his final retirement in 2015. Audley finished his professional boxing career with a record of 38 fights, 31 wins and 7 losses, with 23 wins by knockouts. His longest winning streak was 19 fights. He avenged 3 of his losses in rematches and won the WBF title in 2004 and the prizefighter title in 2009 and 2013. He also won the European heavyweight title in 2010 and the British masters title in 2012. He fought for the world title in 2010 but lost.


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