Craig McCann
  • Craig McCann
Sport, Cycling
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Wheelchair Fencing and ParaCycling
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Former British number 1 Wheelchair fencer, 2012 Paralympian, 2014 National ParaCycling Champion
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Craig McCann


Craig is a National Champion ParaCyclist and wheelchair fencer. After a routine medical whilst joining the RAF in 2004, doctors discovered a brain tumour that would leave him disabled. He had to forgo his dream of fighting for his country and instead, after the long rehabilitation, went on to study Business at University, receiving his degree in 2008. He then headed to post-grad school to pursue a career in law, but little did he know, life had other plans for him. During his last year of Uni, Craig had been scouted through the Paralympic Potential program by the British Disabled Fencing Association. Turning international whilst at law school he put his law career on hold and began training full-time. In 2010, during only his first year as an international athlete, Craig was selected to represent GB at both European and World Championships, as well as his first Paralympics in 2012. But, he soon realised that changes within the sport meant he wouldn't be able to fulfil his new-found dream; of winning a Paralympic gold medal. It was this realisation that caused Craig to switch sports. Craig took part in the 2013 Deloitte Ride Across Britain as an Ambassador for ParalympicsGB and it was through that experience that he fell in love with the sport of cycling. In 2014, Craig became the T2 National Champion and is now one of the few elite athletes who can claim a British number one ranking in two entirely different sports. Craig shares his motivational story with audiences of corporate teams, community groups, school pupils, and educational staff. His inspirational story has proven to motivate individuals and teams to achieve outstanding results in their chosen fields. Craig is an exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire is guaranteed to give your people a new outlook on life. Not only does Craig live and breathe his philosophy, but his story has helped thousands of people in the corporate, community and education worlds to change the way they think and act.


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