At Bookaguest, we hold a register of personalities who will attend functions as guests and socialise with you and your other guests. This means that they can completely relax and have fun whilst being paid for the pleasure of being themselves. Our concept gives clients access to both former and existing local personalities registered in their area, as well as access to a much greater national database of personalities within the full Bookaguest network.

We are not an agency who expects our personalities to perform, be professional and do specific jobs, but instead they are only expected to be themselves and socialise with others in a relaxed manner.

There is no limit to what events and functions a client can ask a personality to attend. It could be:

  • Corporate Days
  • Sporting Events
  • Charity Dinners
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays
  • Golf Days
  • Christmas Drinks


Normally bookings involve the personality having to perform a task such as speaking or presenting, meaning they cannot fully relax and enjoy the event. Agents are usually only interested in large fees from which they take commission, whereas we give the guests the opportunity to earn smaller fees but on a regular basis at a variety of different events.


Local personalities will register for free on the website. They enter details of their career and their interests as well as fill in a simple profile section and add a picture of themselves. They also have the opportunity to say which areas of the country they are available to attend events and when they are available. Personalities can log in to their account at any time to update these.

Companies and individuals holding events can search through our list of registered personalities via the categories, and once they find suitable guests for their event they can complete a booking form and submit. Once the booking form has been received by us, we liaise between the guest personality and the client via emails to arrange the details of the booking. The guest then has the opportunity to accept or decline the invitation. Our personalities decide their own fee for each event, and can ask for any extra requirements including having a plus one if they would prefer to take a friend to certain events.

Once a booking is agreed, the guest’s fee is held by Bookaguest in its client account and the confirmation of the fee and all arrangements for the event are forwarded to the guest. Within 48 hours after the event, we contact the client for feedback and once the client is happy to release the fee and authorises it, we immediately release it to the guest.